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Welcome to the League of Luminary Ladies podcast! The show is designed to reveal the BS-free stories of entrepreneurial success - to highlight that no matter what stage of business, no matter what level of "success", that business and personal growth is still fraught with U-turns, sidesteps, fear-based limits and a whole range of detours. Above all else, I want to "level the playing field" in the hearts and minds of those earlier on in their business journey by shining a light on the whole truth of this entrepreneurial rollercoaster - no shiny, censored version of success in sight. Join ex-forensic geek, best-selling author and Mindset Coach for Women Entrepreneurs Kylie Patchett as she interviews women entrepreneurs from across the globe, and at all stages of business, to dive deep into their behind-the-scenes fears, doubts, self-sabotage and exactly how they keep on shining their light out into the world despite them all.
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The League of Luminary Ladies Podcast with Kylie Patchett | Mindset | Business | Self Development



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Aug 26, 2016

Kerry Rowett is a Kinesiologist who works with her clients worldwide via Skype from her home base in Adelaide, Australia. She is passionate about helping people create alignment in their lives and businesses.

She became passionate about pursuing a career in Kinesiology back in 2007 after sessions helped her to clear long-standing symptoms of depression.

Since starting her business in 2009 she has worked with hundreds of clients over thousands of sessions to help clients deal with stress, increase energy levels, reduce symptoms of anxiety, attract relationships or jobs they desire, clear money blocks and align to other business, work or personal goals.

Many of Kerry’s clients these days are entrepreneurs, ranging from those starting out to women will multi-million dollar businesses.

You can read more about Kerry and sign up for her monthly group reiki healings + free self-help video series at

What we chat about in this episode:

* the whole new paradigm around what it means to be a woman, a woman in business, a woman in business with children and how these shifts are playing out in our belief systems
* Kerry's Align + Attract program and her process for aligning to income goals, attracting the perfect client and making a bigger impact
* Her journey through depression and how breaking this ancestral pattern in her own life opened up Kerry's own profession and purpose as a healer

Links Mentioned:
Kerry's website
Align + Attract